10 Things to do with Your Active Child ...


Wondering what fun activities you can plan with your active child? Here are guest contributor Ashley Hardway's awesome suggestions!

Active children have oodles of energy and it can get difficult to keep up with them. Here are some activities that both you and your child are sure to enjoy.

1. Camping

We tried for so long to take vacations with our active child but every time we tried to do something really structured and laid back we ended up with frayed nerves and upset family members. So, even though we did not have a family background in camping we decided to give it a try. There was nothing that my active child liked better than to be outdoors, spending time doing things like fishing, swimming, hiking, nature walks, and general exploring. There is no better way to make your active one happy and ensure that the rest of the family can enjoy the trip as well. The best time to go camping depends on the time of year and what part of the country you live in. We live in a state that has pretty warm temperatures year round but the summers can be stifling. We try to schedule our trips for early spring or fall or the nights can be pretty uncomfortable, unless of course you have an RV. We purchased a family size tent and went by the learn as you go plan. We learned early on that you can not leave any food out anywhere at night or you do not get much sleep and you lose a lot of food!

Camping is a great way to bond with the family. When we are at home we tend to do our own things and hang out in different rooms or head out in different directions for activities. Camping means you live together, eat together, play together, and are generally just together. Since you are roughing it in the great outdoors and are seeing and doing very different things than at home it has the benefit of bringing families closer. I was skeptical at first but over the years these trips have been the most memorable for us as a family.

Biking and Walks
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