7 Sure-fire Ways to Get through a Natural Labor 👶for Women Who Just Don't Want Their Epidural👶 ...


So as a personal trainer, writer, nutritionist, marathoner and mother of three, I always tried to keep my life natural and steered away from medications. Even a simple headache or cold is something I prefer to ward off naturally. So when I became pregnant with my fourth baby, I already had decided I did not want to have an epidural. I had epidural in a birth and I felt so sick and out of it I swore to never do it again. During labor it was mighty intense and the thought of an epidural as a possibility passed through my mind but I knew to have a medicated birth would be much less beautiful. And I did not want to have this experience cloudy due to medication. This is all personal, but for me, I wanted to think clear and feel like myself as my 4th baby entered the world. And so I did just this and here are the sure-fire ways to get through a natural labor if you are like me and do not want an epidural. It will be tough but I promise you it will be worth it!

1. Bring on Your Own Contractions with Exercise

As I got to the hospital with my fourth labor, since I was already dilated to 4 centimeters, they broke my water. After your amniotic fluid or bag of waters is broken, contractions should naturally come on. If they do not come on then medication to speed up labor is often added. Since I wanted a natural labor I got up and walked, did jumping jacks and even jogged in place. I did whatever it takes to increase contractions and speed up labor. And this brought me from 4 and a half centimeters all the way to 10. So if your doctor allows you, get moving.

Say a Prayer
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