7 Steps to Being a Good Stepparent ...


There are fewer things in life as rewarding as being a good parent, unless it’s being a good stepparent. Imagine the quarterback thrown into the middle of a big title game without a helmet, game plan, or cleats and you now know what it can feel like to be a stepparent. However, with great communication and proper goals in mind, being a good stepparent is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Speak Well of the Parents

Whatever the situation was that brought you into your stepchild’s life, it is important to speak well of the first parents he ever knew. Being a good stepparent depends on this. For so many children, how they think of their parents is how they think of themselves. When the other parent’s name is mentioned, but even more than civil, be kind. This is for the sake of your stepchild’s environment, making it as happy and stable as it possibly can be. And we all know when the kids are happy, so are we!

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