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Even though you are now happily married and everyone is asking you when are you going to take the next step and make some babies, this doesn’t mean that this is what you want in this stage of your life. There are a lot of reasons why you may not feel ready to have children, but this is only your business and no matter what others say or how much pressure they put on you, you should make this decision and have a baby only if this is what you really want. Here are 7 signs you should wait to have children:

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You Want to See the World

A lot of people will tell you that you can travel and see the world with your kids and that this won’t prevent you from having a good time. But if you don’t feel ready to take this important step in your life then you shouldn’t let others make this decision for you.


You Don’t Feel Mature Enough

Well, maybe you will never feel mature enough to consider yourself a parent but if you feel that a baby is not what you want at this time in your life then you should wait a little before making this important decision.


You Are Focused on Your Career

If at this stage in your life you focus your entire attention on your career and all you do is work hard to reach all your goals then maybe you should wait a little before deciding to have a baby. If you are too busy, you won’t be able to give your baby the attention they need, you might neglect them and that’s something that may impact negatively their development.


You Want to Be a Really Good Parent

You love kids and you dream of having kids one day but you know that that’s not the best time to do that. You really want to be a good friend and you know that a child deserves your entire attention but at this time, you are a bit too busy trying to advance in your career and making more money so you can offer your kid everything they want one day.


You Are Not Financially Stable

A kid does require a lot of things now days so it’s best to be financially stable before you decide to take this important step in your life. I’m sure you want your kid to live a carefree life and that’s why you work hard now so you can gain enough money to be able to support your little one.


You Have an All Consuming Goal Right Now

If you are now involved in a project that takes up all your time, like college or trying to climb the career ladder, then maybe you should wait a little bit before you decide to have child. A baby requires a lot of time and attention and it’s a big responsibility so if you are too busy right now, you could could postpone this important decision util you will have enough time to dedicate to your children.


You Don’t Want to Have Kids Yet

No matter what reasons you have, if you don’t want to have kids yet, then you should wait a little before becoming a parent. No one should pressure you to make this important decision. If you don’t crave motherhood right now, then maybe you should wait a little and have a baby when you will feel ready.

Having kids is a huge responsibility so make sure you make this decision wisely. Do you know any other signs someone should wait to have children? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Before when I was single I don't want any child because I think that it's just a burden. But now that I have a child of my own I can say that my life becomes more meaningful.

That's correct

Great points. Do it ready and it doesn't matter how old or young you are so it because you want to not because the world expects you too. Great post.

Yepp. I agree with all the points. Exactly how I feel. I never want any.

However it might not be possible to wait for everything to be perfect if you really want children. Also it is possible to have good job and progress in your career with children. Only men would have us believe otherwise!

Never want any of my own, but would be willing to adopt in a few years.

@Kashish Gupta - No they don't.

Kids suck! All they do is spoil your life.

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