Signs You Need a Time out Even More than Your Child ...


Anyone who’s a mother would agree that it’s not easy. Yes, it’s rewarding and wonderful but also very taxing and tiring at times. Sometimes parenting can just feel like too much and that’s something that every parent feels from time to time. When that happens, you can become irritable and frustrated. These’re some signs that maybe you’re the one that needs a time out.

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Your Patience is Stretched Thin

Parenting requires patience. That’s something that doesn’t change much from infancy to the teenage years. When you’re in need of a time out yourself then you’ll probably notice your patience is stretched thin. Although the title of this article is a bit humorous, the truth is sometimes you do need a time out, also known as a break. Do what you need to in order to make sure you get one so you can come back to your children refueled and refreshed.


Things That Don’t Normally Get to You Are Getting to You

Another sign you’re in need of a time out is that things that don’t usually get to you suddenly are. It could be the sticky jelly on the table or the fact that your kids are fussing over the remote again. Things that’re normal everyday parts of parenting suddenly seem much more irritating. Take this as a sign to arrange a break for yourself! If getting away isn’t possible then at least put the kids to bed a little early so you can enjoy a hot bath and a good book.


You’re Feeling Hormonal

PMS gets to you! I’ve been there! You don’t mean to be crabby but it’s very difficult when your hormones are all over the place. I’ve learned a little secret over the years. Arrange for an easy day when PMS is at it’s worst. Call a pizza in and lower your expectations for the day.


You Have a Lot of Stress in Other Areas of Your Life

Sometimes stress in other areas of your life builds up and spills over on your family. Maybe things aren’t great at work or your mother-in-law is pushing the boundaries again. Whatever it is, it takes a toll. When you’re stressed over other areas of your life then it’s very important to give yourself grace. Remember you’re going through a lot. Be extra kind to yourself.


You Don’t Take Time for Self-Care

So many moms don’t get the self-care they need. You may even feel selfish for wanting some time to yourself. It’s not selfish at all! You need time to do things you enjoy. You’ll see that you come back to your children a much better mommy after a break.


You’re Overwhelmed with the Demands of Motherhood

Motherhood can be overwhelming. Even though you love your babies more than anything, there’re times you may struggle with everything being a mother requires. When you feel this way, ask for help! Ask your husband to pitch in, hire a sitter or ask grandma to keep your darlings while you get a couple hours away. It’s also okay to hire a tutor to help with homework, plan easier meals or whatever you need to do.


You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Had a Break

Moms need breaks! You need an opportunity to remember that you’re a person in addition to being a mom. It’s easy to forget that when the demands of motherhood are upon you, especially when your children are very small. Arrange for time to go on a date with your husband or have a girl’s night out. And make it something you do every month instead of on rare occasions.

These’re some signs that you may be the one that needs a time out. Have you ever been there? You’re always welcome to share.

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