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7 Signs You Need to Let Go More with Your Teenager ...

By Alicia

There are some signs you need to let go more with your teenager. I know this personally because this is something I have been experiencing with my own teenager right now, so this one may be a bit painful for me to write. But if I can share what limited wisdom I have gleaned as a mother, I certainly want to. Let’s see if you are seeing any signs you need to let go more in your own teenager.

1 They Resent Your Reminders

Does your teenager resent your reminders? I know that as mothers, reminding and helping are deeply ingrained in us. We just want to watch over our children and make sure they have everything they need and do everything they are supposed to do. But sometimes our teenagers get to a point where they do not appreciate that. If you are seeing that from your teen, it is one of the signs you need to let go a little more.

2 You Know You Are Overprotective

A mother’s instinct is to protect her children. Nature has placed that there as surely as a mama bear has the instinct to protects her cubs. But you can be too overprotective with your children. If you are too overprotective, you may be smothering them with your very well-intended concern. It is a sign you need to work on letting go a bit more.

3 Your Child Needs Room to Grow

When our children become teenagers, they need room to grow into their own unique person. They are going to be different from us and that is okay. We need to give them that room. Of course, we need to be there alongside them and ready to catch them if they head too far down the wrong path. But having room to grow is one of the needs of a teenager.

4 They Will Be Leaving Home Soon

The truth is that our teenagers are well on their way to growing up and leaving home. The goal of every parent should be to raise a successful adult. Adults live on their own and are productive in society. That is going to come for your teenager, if you have done your job as a parent correctly. We need to make sure we are giving them room to branch out.

5 You Feel It Intuitively

One of the beautiful things about being a mother is that we know so many things intuitively. We just feel them. If you are feeling like you need to let go a little more, you probably do. Intuition is very valuable and it pays to listen to it. Your child may be better off for it.

6 There is a Lot of Tension between the Two of You

Are you feeling a lot of tension between the two of you? It is not unusual to have tension in the relationship between a teenager and a mom but sometimes it is due to the fact you are holding them a bit too tightly. There comes a time when you do need to let go a little bit more. Believe it or not, letting go can actually bring you closer together. You are giving your child the choice whether to draw close to you or not, and many times they do come closer.

7 You Haven’t Changed How You Parent

Your way of parenting should be evolving as your children grow. If you are still parenting your teenager the same way that you did when they were six, you are behind the times. You need to work on that. Our parenting should be adjusted to whatever stage our children are in. All stages need different sorts of parenting.

Letting go is a hard but necessary part of parenting. Have you experienced any of these signs you need to let go as a parent? Do you have an experience to share about letting go of your teenager a bit more?

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