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Are there any signs your child suffers from allergies? Allergies can be a little nuisance or a really big deal, depending on how severe they are. Getting the right treatment for them can make all the difference in the world. See if there are any signs your child suffers from allergies by going through these 7 points and if so, talk to your pediatrician.

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They Rub Their Nose a Lot

One of the biggest signs your child suffers from allergies is if they rub their nose a lot. Kids usually do this because their nose is bothering them. It may itch or feel funny. Children may not think that they need to blow their nose or realize they should tell you it is bothering them. If you catch your child doing this, mention it to your pediatrician.


They Seem Worse at Certain Times

If your child’s symptoms seem worse at certain times of the year, they may suffer from allergies. Usually spring and fall are peak times for allergies to occur if your child has seasonal allergies. They may also have symptoms more in the winter from being inside so much where things get dusty. You may want to write down when you think they are having symptoms so you can keep track of it. If you see a pattern, it is worth talking to their doctor about.


They Seem Worse in Certain Situations

If your child has allergies, they will likely seem worse in certain situations. They may be worse after playing outside. They might seem worse after being around animals. They could even show more symptoms after eating a certain food if they have food allergies. It is good to be alert for this.


They Sneeze a Lot

Sneezing a lot is a sign of allergies. It is often the first sign that shows when your allergies are getting ready to flair up. They may also sneeze at certain times or in certain situations like I talked about. If your child has a lot of sneezing but no cold symptoms, it may be allergies. It is good to keep track of all of these things so that you have a clear record to help you when you talk to your pediatrician.


They Have a Chronic Runny Nose

A chronic runny nose is the thing most allergy suffers hate most. It is aggravating and doesn’t have an ending like with a cold. It can go on and on for weeks or even months. If you are seeing this in your child, it is a definite sign that you need to talk to your pediatrician. It is a very probable sign of allergies.


They Deal with Skin Rashes

Skin rashes can be from a variety of causes. For this reason, it is always best to pay a visit to your pediatrician to determine the exact cause. However, they can also be from allergies. Generally, food is the culprit for a rash that started from allergies. A doctor is the best one to make this decision, of course.


They Are Sick a Lot

Children with allergies tend to get sick a lot. This is because their allergy symptoms set them up for illness. It is easy for infections to set in when there is an excess in mucus production such as there is when a child has allergies. Colds may be extended longer than they should. Frequent respiratory illness is a sign your child may suffer from allergies.

These are 7 signs that your child may have allergies. It is hard to truly know for sure, though unless your child has been diagnosed by a doctor. Do you see any of these signs in your children?

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