7 Signs You Need to Let Go More with Your Teenager ...


There are some signs you need to let go more with your teenager. I know this personally because this is something I have been experiencing with my own teenager right now, so this one may be a bit painful for me to write. But if I can share what limited wisdom I have gleaned as a mother, I certainly want to. Let’s see if you are seeing any signs you need to let go more in your own teenager.

1. They Resent Your Reminders

Does your teenager resent your reminders? I know that as mothers, reminding and helping are deeply ingrained in us. We just want to watch over our children and make sure they have everything they need and do everything they are supposed to do. But sometimes our teenagers get to a point where they do not appreciate that. If you are seeing that from your teen, it is one of the signs you need to let go a little more.

You Know You Are Overprotective
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