7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Make Mistakes as a Parent ...


Sometimes we need to be reminded the reasons why it’s okay to make mistakes as a parent. No one is perfect. No one will get through life without making a mistake. That’s why we have saying like, “Oops,” or “My bad.” The question isn’t if you will mess up, it’s when will you mess up. But don’t worry, even as a parent it’s okay. Your uh-oh moments won’t harm your child. In fact, they might actually help build a little character. Enjoy these 7 reasons why it’s okay to make mistakes as a parent.

1. Lesson Learned

Some of life’s best lessons come from making poor choices. How else will a new mother know not to trust little Johnny with a jar of markers? Oh yeah! Those things just became the medium for the new wall mural in your dining room while you were busy on the phone. Hey, some people pay good money to have an abstract piece of art in their house. You just got one for free. At least this time is was washable markers. I promise you won’t make the same mistake with permanent. That’s just one of the reasons why its okay to make mistakes as a parent.

Everybody’s Doing It!
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