7 Really Fun Mother-Son Activity Ideas ...


If you feel like your little guy is always hanging out with dad, then these mother-son activity ideas are just what you need. Give your boy a little one on one time with mom and show him that you can be just as cool as dad, or even cooler! There are so many different mother-son activity ideas that you can do that don’t have to involve the norm or something that dad usually does with him. Take a look at my list and share with me some of your favorite activity ideas.

1. Show Him a Hobby Mom Loves

One of the best mother-son activity ideas that any mother can do with her little boy or older guy is to show him something that mom loves to do. Whether you love to take photos, scrapbook, paint, repurpose items in the house, or garden, make your son part of this little world of yours and make something together.

Cook or Bake
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