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If you're looking for some fun Valentine's Day ideas for your kids, here's guest contributor Mary with her super ideas!

Many people think of Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday for adults or for couples to go on dates, buy each other gifts, and spend the evening together. However, Valentine’s Day can also be a fun-filled holiday for your kids! Here are 7 fun-filled Valentine’s Day activities that your kids are sure to love.

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«Valenheart» Scavenger Hunt

«Valenheart» Scavenger Hunt Having a «Valenheart» scavenger hunt is the perfect idea for when you want to challenge your kids’ minds while they are having a good time. You could have the babysitter play with them or even have them play during the day so they are worn out at night and you can relax with your loved one.

What you need to do is create clues and answers that are all valentine's day oriented. Set a treasure hunt in your backyard and reward them with candy and goodies!


«LoveSquare»- the Valentine’s-Inspired Foursquare Game

«LoveSquare»- the Valentine’s-Inspired Foursquare Game If your kids like to play four square, tweak it and turn it into «LoveSquare». In each of the four boxes place the letters L, O, V and E. Now, when someone bounces the ball to get someone out, if the person who has lost can come up with a single word compliment that begins with that letter within 5 seconds, they stay in and replace the person who got them out.


Baking Mini Heart-Shaped Cakes

Baking Mini Heart-Shaped Cakes This can be fun and educational. Your kids will learn about geometry and also how to bake. Take square and circular cake sheets or two use large rectangular cake sheets and bake a cake. The circle’s diameter has to be the same size as the diagonal of the square to work. Now take the circle cake and cut it in half. If you have two large sheet cakes, cut circles and squares from them. Now turn the square so it looks like a diamond and attach the two semi circles to the top to make a heart. Next is the fun part. Frost the cakes and let the kids go nuts decorating. To add in a geometry factor, have your kids measure the circles and squares and try to create as little waste as possible. You could also give them each their own mini cakes and have them write sayings on it and have them give it to someone else in the room.


Perform a Valentine’s Day Play

Perform a Valentine’s Day Play Valentine’s plays are always fun. Have two teams write a script and assign everyone a prop that they have to use. Once both teams have finished, take the scripts and surprise them by having the two teams perform the other teams’ scripts while having to use their props in it. Props can be anything from a valentine’s dinner table to flowers and even rings, cupids, candies and other valentine’s objects.


Cupid’s Arrow Target Practice

Cupid’s Arrow Target Practice This one is fun and helps with motor skills and aim. Draw two large hearts on a foam board or poster board and hang them at the end of the yard, or somewhere you don’t mind the kids making a mess. Each kid will get either 3 throws with sponges dipped in colored water or 5 seconds with a water gun to try and fill in as much of their team’s heart as possible. After both teams have gone, whoever colors in more of their heart, cupid or other valentine’s shape wins the game.


Valentine’s Day Pajama Party with Gift Exchange

Valentine’s Day Pajama Party with Gift Exchange For the Valentine’s Day pajama party gift exchange, everyone invited will be given the assignment to bring three themed gifts. The first should be something to sleep in or wear like valentine’s pajamas. The second is some sort of safe and non-allergenic food. The third can be a fun valentine’s day card to give to someone in the room. Make sure the cards are filled out so that they could be a perfect fit for anyone. You can do the gifts white elephant style or «secret cupid» style and make sure all are wrapped so that no one knows who gets what and everyone gets a nice letter from a friend, a gift and something to wear that is themed for valentine’s to make the party even more fun. You can find affordable and wholesale valentine’s pajam
as here.


Making Valentine’s Day Candy and Gift Bags

Making Valentine’s Day Candy and Gift Bags This is always fun. Have enough cookies, brownies and other fun treats so that everyone at the party can have one of each. Assign each kid a food item. One could have a cake, another has to do all of the cupcakes, another could get to decorate sugar cookies, another can do chocolate chip cookies, the next can do brownies, etc… Once the kids are done decorating, the parents or adult supervising will collect them and each kid is given a box to decorate. Once all boxes are decorated, the parents place one of each treat into the box and now all of the kids have something fun to take home from their new favorite Valentine’s Day party.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for kids. It is for everyone. By having fun ways to challenge your kids’ minds and also letting them enjoy treats, you can help make valentine’s one of their favorite holidays too. Just make sure you have adult supervision for anything that involves cooking, sharp objects or running around and throwing things.

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