10 Methods of Birth Control ...


Did you know that 38% of pregnancies across the world are unintended - approximately 80 million each year and of those 42 million are aborted (thanks to Wikipedia for that information). Admittedly most of these are in the developing world but unwanted pregnancies in the USA and UK are an issue because the vast majority involve teenage mothers – some 800,000 in America annually. This is actually one of the higher average rates globally. AND, they can all have been prevented with one of these 10 methods of birth control.

1. Condoms

The most widely available method of birth control and absolutely vital for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and AIDS, which remains a major issue. There’s no stigma attached to a woman carrying a condom in her purse. Every girl should have one and so should every guy. A condom is an example of a barrier method of birth control. Female condoms are also available.

Oral Contraceptive Pill