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If your kids are anything like mine, it can be hard to please them day after day, so lunchbox ideas are something you're always on the hunt for. You want your kids to eat their lunch, but you also want it to be something healthy and satisfying so it will carry them through the afternoon in the classroom. If you're at your wits end, check out these lunchbox ideas and you'll be well on your way to being the mom who packs the best lunches.

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Leftovers Via Adult Paleo Lunch Box Sausage ...

If you have some nibbles left over from the night before, they are perfect for a flavorful lunch. Leftovers are one of my go-to lunchbox ideas!


Just the Favorites

Just the Favorites Via TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 2/19 ...

Tiny amounts of all your kid's favorites are sure to get him gobbling up his lunch.


Lots of Fruit

Lots of Fruit Via 10 Easy, Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Don't skimp on the fruit. It's healthy, satisfying and can get rid of a sugar craving without having to pack a fatty dessert.


Little Containers

Little Containers Via Parenting Tips from Real Women ...

For kids who don't like their food to touch, this little container is the perfect answer to the problem.


Kid Kabobs

Kid Kabobs Via Day three

There's something about food on a stick that totally appeals to kids. Thread their lunch on one and they are much more likely to eat it.



Notes Via P.S. Eat Your Vegetables

Include a little note to make your kids smile at lunchtime.


Out of the Box

Out of the Box Via Every MOM needs a little... ...

You might not think of rice with veggies and nuts as lunch, but if that's what your kid is willing to eat, it works perfectly.


Perfectly Balanced

Perfectly Balanced Via 2nd day lunch

There's something from every food group in this lunch.


Cheese Shapes

Cheese Shapes Via Pumpkin

Cut your child's cheese into fun shapes to make it more fun to eat.


Sort of Ethnic

Sort of Ethnic Via Preschool Alphabet: Easy Lunches

It might not be the most ethnic food on the planet, but quesadillas are easy and delicious. Add salsa for dipping.


Pasta Bows

Pasta Bows Via What The Girls Are Having: ...

Pasta salad pairs well with many other foods and is tasty cold so it makes a great lunchbox addition. Mix and match your kid's favorite ingredients for fun new combinations every day.


Veggie Love

Veggie Love Via easylunchboxes.smugmug.com

Any kid is going to want to eat these tasty heart shaped carrots!


Muffin Tin Liners

Muffin Tin Liners Via i should be mopping the ...

These cute silicone cupcake liners are perfect for keeping food from touching.


Single Serve Packages

Single Serve Packages Via The Two Bite Club: 5 ...

Single serving packages are the ultimate in convenience when it comes to packing lunches.


A Little Treat

A Little Treat Via familyfreshmeals.com
Those few jellybeans are just right for a lunchtime dessert.


Dips on the Side

Dips on the Side Via Sabra - Timeline Photos | ...

Kids love to dip their foods, so try hummus, yogurt, peanut butter or ranch to entice them to eat their veggies and fruits.


Holiday Themes

Holiday Themes Via St. Patrick’s Day Kids Creative ...

Use the holidays to help you create themed lunches to make your kid happy.


Little Snacks

Little Snacks Via 31 Days of School Lunchbox ...

Some little eaters don't want a full meal, so a collection of small snacks is sure to please them.


Halloween Lunchbox

Halloween Lunchbox Via Fun Halloween Lunchbox Ideas for ...

What kid wouldn't want to find this in their lunchbox on Halloween?



Sprinkles Via familyfreshmeals.com

A few sprinkles on peanut butter is a fun treat for any kid at lunchtime.


Build Your Own

Build Your Own Via TRIO Stainless steel lunchbox - ...

Your child can pile the ham and cheese on the bagel at lunchtime so it doesn't get soggy in her lunchbox.


Mummy Lunch

Mummy Lunch Via Fun Halloween Lunchbox Ideas for ...

Another fun idea for Halloween, don't you think?


Appetizer Lunch

Appetizer Lunch Via Lunchbox Ideas

My kids love appetizer lunch! Use small toothpicks to make it easy to grab and nibble.


Breakfast for Lunch

Breakfast for Lunch Via Donna Hay - Recipes

Why not pack tiny pancakes with fruit in your child's lunch? My kids love it and I bet yours will too!


DIY Snowman

DIY Snowman Via Holiday Lunchbox Ideas - Family ...

Such a fun idea for the wintertime holidays!


Brunch Lunchbox

Brunch Lunchbox Via BentOnBetterLunches: Brunch Bunch

A waffle with cream cheese and fruit is a great base for a lunchtime meal.



Chips Via 5dollardinners.com

Carrot chips instead of carrot sticks make lunch a little bit of fun and a little easier to eat.


Lots of Hearts

Lots of Hearts Via Creative Kids Lunch Box Ideas ...

Whether it's Valentine's Day or not, your child will feel the love when he eats this lunch.



Decorations Via this week in bento boxes ...

A few pieces from a Mr. Potato Head set let you add personality to sandwiches.



Yogurt Via 5dollardinners.com

Yogurt goes really well with granola and fruit and makes for a nutritious and delicious lunch.


Crackers, Cheese and Fruit

Crackers, Cheese and Fruit Via 5dollardinners.com

There's no better combination than crackers, cheese and fruit for your child's lunchbox.


Lots of Protein

Lots of Protein Via 5dollardinners.com

Protein is much needed when your child eats lunch, and peanut butter and cottage cheese are both ideal options.


Yogurt Tube

Yogurt Tube Via {Lunchbox Idea} Bite Size Treats ...

Freeze yogurt tubes and put them in your child's lunch. They will thaw by lunchtime and will help keep the other foods cold.


The Humble Sandwich

The Humble Sandwich Via 5dollardinners.com

Don't underestimate how perfect a sandwich is at lunchtime. Every kid has their favorite, so you can be sure to please.


Here's Looking at You

Here's Looking at You Via familyfreshmeals.com

These eyes definitely make lunchtime come alive.


Sectioned Containers

Sectioned Containers Via 5dollardinners.com

Stock up on these containers when you shop for back to school supplies.



Pinwheels Via 5dollardinners.com

Use tortillas instead of bread to shake things up at lunchtime.

What do your kids like in their lunch? I hope this list has given you some new and interesting ideas to keep them happy. Which one looks like a new favorite?

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