7 Household Chores for Your Adorable Toddlers ...


My Mom was pretty good in assigning household chores for toddlers. With four children in the family who are barely two years apart, I can say that my Mom perfected the art of teaching her children the values of hard work and teamwork starting at home. We carried out these chores with my Mom's supervision and it is important that we, adults/parents, realize that our toddlers are to be assisted in carrying out these tasks. I asked my three, younger siblings if they still remember the household chores for toddlers and we came up with the following:

1. Making the Bed

Toddlers are generally defined as children between ages two and four - old enough to let them assist adults in lighter tasks. Making the bed is one of the household chores for toddlers that can teach them the importance of keeping things in order. It's always nice to start the day with a made-up bed.

Watering the House Plants
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