8 Fun Websites for Kids ...


With today’s technology, parents are teaching their children to learn to use computers at young ages, and are constantly finding fun websites for kids. Although there is controversy about children spending so much time in front of a screen, there are so many skills that kids learn from websites that are made just for them! By mixing learning with fun websites for kids, children get to surf the web and learn a lot at the same time! It is preferred to start learning new concepts at a young age, and learning to use a computer and a wide range of topics on the internet will be a great help to your growing child!

1. Club Penguin

I know that clubpenguin.com is one of the most fun websites for kids because I used to to go on the website all of the time when I was little! I was around 9 years old when I played on it, but I remember how much fun I had there! When you first enter the world of Club Penguin you have an avatar and a username that lives in the large community of penguins! As a parent, you might be wondering what the educational value of being a penguin is. Well there isn’t much knowledge gained by waddling around as a penguin but the mini-games inside the world can teach a lot! Club Penguin also encourages the users to donate their virtual coins that they earned from games to real charities. In addition to being a fun, safe environment for children, they can learn new skills, learn good citizenship, and learn to behave in a community!

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