7 Fun New Year's Eve Crafts Kids Will Enjoy ...

New Year Crafts? Can it really be that time of year again? Well, to make the best of a holiday that seems to come twice a year let’s get out our scissors and glue for some New Year’s Eve crafts! Many of these ideas are great for families to put together to teach your young ones about the holiday. Plus, if you’re hosting a party, you’ll definitely want to check out these New Year’s Eve crafts.

1. Noisemaker

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This is a must need for celebrating and ringing in the holiday, which is why it’s number one on my list of New Year’s Eve crafts. I love this idea of using a folded paper plate and putting beads, popcorn kernels, or coins inside as well as attaching jingle bells to the bottom. Your kids can personalize their plate and use it again for the next New Year’s Even party! parentclub.ganzworld.com

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