7 Cool and Creative Rock Crafts for Kids ...

Whether your little ones like to collect rocks while out on a walk or youโ€™re just looking for a new DIY project for them, these fun rock crafts for kids will give them a whole new interest in nature and something unique to play with. Show your kids how creative they can get just by using items they can find in their own backyard with these cool and funky rock crafts for kids. Grab some paint, glue and maybe a few googly eyes and youโ€™re ready for rock crafting!

1. Rock Monsters

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Most of these rock crafts for kids are pretty simple for them to put together with or without a parentโ€™s help, but these adorable rock monsters are probably the easiest. With a little paint, a fine marker tip pen, and silly googly eyes, your little ones will have their very own rock creatures in a matter of minutes. They can either keep their rocks as is or create a magnet for the fridge to hold up their artwork!

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