7 Fun Family Winter Activities to do Together ...


Donโ€™t stay in the house when itโ€™s cold, get out and enjoy family winter activities together! Whether you just go for a walk in the park to take in the snowy winter scene or visit Santa at the Mall, there are plenty of things you can do that everyone in the family can appreciate. What family winter activities do you have planned for this season - any of these I wonder?

1. Holiday Lights

One of my favorite family winter activities that we like to do each year is drive around town to enjoy the holiday lights. There is also a local farm that has a magnificent light display drive-thru so you can stay in your warm car while enjoying the lights! Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and a container of Christmas cookies to really get in the holiday spirit during your drive! Oh, and just because the holiday season is over doesnโ€™t mean the lights are down, some people keep their lights up all through January!

Ice Skating
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