7 Fun Backyard Games to Please Any Kid ...


The weather is starting to warm up, so fun backyard games are a must for keeping the little ones entertained. Playing outside is great for kids because it gets their little eyes pried off the television or tablet screen, it gives them a chance to burn some calories and some energy and it encourages them to use their imagination. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to get them started on outdoor fun, so use these fun backyard games to inspire them to have some fun, get some fresh air and do something new.

1. Everybody’s It

If your kids are anything like mine, fun backyard games can quickly turn into a fight. If that’s the case, play Everybody’s It. Just like the name implies, all the players are it and they all run around the yard trying to tag each other. When a child is tagged, he or she stands to the side and does 10 jumping jacks, sit-ups or some other quick task. He or she can then re-enter the game and try to tag the others. Since everyone in the game has the same role, this keeps kids from spending all their time arguing over who’s going to do what.

Sack Hop Race
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