9 Fun Activities to Try with Your Child That Don't Involve the TV ...

Looking for some fun activities to try with your child that don’t involve watching or using a TV? There are lots of fun options for video games, movies, Wii systems, computer games, and countless others, but why not try breaking the pattern for some good old fashioned fun? Keep reading if you want some ideas for fun activities to try with your child!

1. Play outside Together

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One of the most fun activities to try with your child is playing outside! It’s easy to send your kids outside to play on their own, but why not join them? You will get some fresh air, vitamin D, and best of all, make memories with your little ones.

2. Do Something Competitive

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Do you have an older child, perhaps a teen? Try signing up for a race together! Or participate in a sport you both enjoy. Find a cool hobby, like geocaching or rock climbing, and venture out together! You will feel young again and your kid will love that you are taking time out to spend with him or her.

3. Board Games

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Board games seem to be quickly losing their appeal. That’s sad because board games are a lot of fun, and they used to be a primary source of entertainment! Try breaking out a few and having a game night occasionally instead of a movie night.

4. Go to the Library

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When was the last time you went to a library? Besides having lots of cool reads to check out, libraries also offer programs like story hour, puppet shows, or storytelling competitions that may interest your kids! Go ahead and try it out, you may be surprised by all the fun your kids are missing out on!

5. Do a Pinterest Project

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I have a Pinterest board with projects just for kids! Take an afternoon and find something neat to try out together. Could be a craft, a game, or a science experiment. Just do something fun and educational that doesn’t involve a screen!

6. Cook a Meal

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You don’t have to make a 5-course meal with a 5 year old underfoot, but kids love β€œhelping” in the kitchen. Make something simple like mac and cheese, or chocolate chip cookies. Don’t worry about the mess, instead focus on the fun and memories!

7. Write a Story

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All you need is construction paper, staples or string, and crayons. Come up with a silly or sweet story together. Then turn it into a book! You can then draw and color pictures to illustrate the book, and staple or tie it together. This is a simple activity, but one that most kids really enjoy!

8. Go Camping

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Some of my favorite memories as a kid involve camping! Weenie roasts, S’mores, swimming in the lake, scary stories by the fire- these are all memories you can make with your kids too! Even if you don’t have a tent, you can park the sleeping bags on your living room floor. Get creative!

9. Do Something Crazy

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Kids have a ball with the silliest things! So get inventive. Blow bubbles inside. Have a picnic in the bedroom! Play outside in the rain. Make mud pies and have a β€œtea party”! Do something silly to feed little imaginations and make lasting memories!

We all know that too much TV can interfere with many things. According to kidshealth.org, children who watch more than 4 hours of TV per day are more likely to be overweight. And it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that children under 2 not watch ANY TV, since TV can get in the way of exploring, learning, and cognitive development. Will you try any of these activities that don’t involve the TV with your child this week?

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