7 Fun Baby Shower Games That Your Guests and You Will Love ...


My favorite thing about going to baby showers has always been getting to play baby shower games. They are both fun and keep guests entertained. Playing baby shower games is also a great way to get your guests talking to each other. If you've got a shower coming up, here are 7 fun games to consider playing.

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Baby Bottle Drinking Game

The baby bottle drinking game is one of the easiest baby shower games to play. It can also be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Simply take some inexpensive baby bottles, like the ones you can purchase from dollar stores and fill them with a liquid. Most people use water or juice, but select a beverage of your choice. To start the game, give all of your guest a bottle. Instruct your guests to drink the bottle. The first guest who drinks their entire bottle wins the game.


Who Knows Mommy

Who Knows Mommy is another easy game to play. It gives all of the guests a chance to find out Who Knows Mommy the best by having guests answer questions about the mom-to-be. You could ask the guests what Mommy’s full name is or what her natural hair color is? You can play this game by either asking questions out loud to see which guest can answer first or you can have your guests write their answers on paper. Most people ask a total of 10 to 12 questions during this game.


Guess How Big is Mommy's Belly

Give your guest a chance to guess the distance around the expectant mom’s belly. To play this game, the only thing that you will need is a role of yarn. Have your guest cut a piece of yarn that they think is the same size of Mommy's belly. The person who is the closest wins. It's always cute to see how big people really think her belly is. Some guests are very close and some are way off.


Match the Baby Socks Game

To play this baby shower game, gather a ton of different baby socks. You could even instruct your guests to bring one pair of socks to the shower. To start the game, put all of the socks in a pile on a table and mess them up. Next, have all of the guest gather around the table. Instruct them to match as many pairs of socks in 60 seconds that they can. At the end of the 60 seconds, the guest with the most pairs of socks wins.


This baby shower game is a classic favorite among guests and is sure to bring some fun and laughter to the party. It is easy to set up and requires minimal supplies, making it a convenient choice for busy parents-to-be. In addition to baby socks, you can also use other baby items such as bibs, onesies, or hats for a variation of the game. This game is also a great opportunity for guests to socialize and get to know each other, especially if they are not familiar with each other beforehand. It can also serve as a cute decoration for the baby's room, as the matched pairs of socks can be gifted to the parents as a keepsake.


Guess the Baby Food

Have you ever tasted baby food? If not, this game will give you a chance to. To play this game, cover the labels on baby food jars, so no one can tell what kind they are. Then have your guest taste of the different kinds of food is in each jar and write their answers down on a sheet of paper. The guest who gets the most correct answers wins. Be sure to include a variety of different foods. fruits and vegetables. Most people have 7 to 10 different choices.


The Price is Right

The prices of baby products are constantly changing. Give your guest a chance to see if they've been keeping up. Give your guest a list of popular baby items and have them guess what they think the current price of each item is. Be sure to include things like the price of diapers, formula, wipes, and diaper rash cream. You will be amazed by some of the responses you get. My sister-in-law had a shower recently and even though I have two young children, some of my answers were way off,


What's in Your Purse

Give each of your guest a list of different items. Each item will have a predetermined point value. Then have each of them go through their purse to see exactly how many of the listed items they have. The guest with the most points wins the game. It is very entertaining to see just what other people carry around in their purse.

Playing games at baby showers are so much fun. What are some games that you've played at baby showers? What was your favorite?

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These ideas are nice and different, I've played the diaper game, where you put chocolate in diapers and have to guess what kind it is..which was pretty gross. ive also played a game where guests look at a tub of baby items for a minute, then have to remember and write down all that was in there. I've also heard of some people eating and guessing which baby food is what, which i find kinda gross but could be fun.

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