7 Fun Activities for Aunty and Toddler ...


7 Fun Activities for Aunty and Toddler ...
7 Fun Activities for Aunty and Toddler ...

I love being an aunty, so wanted to dedicate this article to my niece Evelyn, encouraging everyone to think of fun activities for aunty and toddler. I love playing games with my sister's little one, with one of the advantages of being an aunty is that you get to hand them over at the end of the day. From soft play to museums and play parks there are so many fun activities to enjoy and make memories that last a lifetime.

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Soft Play

Soft play is my favourite activity for aunty and toddler fun. What could be better than an entire room filled with tunnels and bricks and a bouncy castle? Soft play is toddler heaven – they can run wild and free with all the other children and the great thing is that you get to act like a kid too as you chase after them. This is the perfect activity to tire out a little one before nap time.


Story Time

Snuggle up together under the bed covers and read some stories together. Toddlers love rhyming sounds, black and white picture books and most of all books with flaps that they can open. The more interactive the book the better. This is a great chance to practice familiar words, sounds and numbers.



If you are stuck inside babysitting – why not have a Crafternoon? It will be fun to make something together; perhaps a present or treat for mummy? You could make hand-print paintings, homemade cards or seasonal decorations.


Make a Splash

If you are a confident swimmer, why not visit your local swimming pool. Swimming is a fairly cheap activity and will tire out a toddler, not to mention that swimming is a lot of fun. Most community pools also have a heated baby area, and good changing facilities, so all you need to worry about is having a good time.


Make Some Music

Children tend to love music and dancing – so why not have a little party together? I like to play guitar to my niece and she enjoys strumming notes too. We also have maracas, a drum and triangle. Alternatively blast ‘Frozen’ tracks around the room and make some shapes (dance moves) together.


Hit the Museums

Don’t be afraid to take your toddler out. Many museums and community events are free and have interactive displays to engage children of all ages. Just remember to pack a lunch and then head out for some experimental learning fun! Some centres also host story telling time – so someone else can entertain them while you take a little rest.


The Play Park

You may have trouble getting your little one off the swings, as children simply adore play parks. Most cater for all ages and usually have the basics; swings, slides and climbing apparatus. You will both have fun testing out all the park has to offer and getting a healthy dose of fresh air.

So next time you are asked if you can babysit – make sure you say Yes! If you are new to being an aunty it can seem a little daunting to be left alone supervising a toddler – but once you try one of these fun activities you will soon be having such a good time that you will forget all your worries. What toddler friendly activities can you recommend to others?

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Great article- but any ideas for nieces of ages 10 and 9, rather than toddlers?

@Smirnoff have u tried theme parks with roller coasters ? Or how about concerts or a meal in a local village pub ?

I'm not an aunt but my little cousin always loves to play with her tinkerbell dolls with me. She is an absolute joy xD

Love being an aunt of four!

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