7 Easy to Follow Halloween Safety Tips for Families ...


7 Easy to Follow Halloween Safety Tips for Families  ...
7 Easy to Follow Halloween Safety Tips for Families  ...

Following Halloween safety tips is an easy way to enjoy the holiday without having to worry that someone will be hurt. Halloween is a great time for kids and adults, but it’s also a night when there are a lot of people out and about, which increases the risk of injuries as well as losing your little ones in the dark. That’s why it’s so important to be extra cautious, whether you’re heading out to trick or treat or are having a spooky party at home. Check out these easy Halloween safety tips and your day will be that much better.

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Light It up

Have you ever experienced the terror of thinking you lost track of your kid in the dark? It happens, which is why one of my best Halloween safety tips is to light your child up when you go out for candy. You can do this by attaching a couple of strips of reflective tape to his costume. I like to get my kids a couple of glow bracelets. They add a bit of spookiness to their costume and I can see them wherever they go.


Choose Safe Costumes

That means costumes that aren’t so long that your child is going to trip and fall down. It also means staying away from costumes that include wigs, hats or masks that make it hard for your child to see. You also want to stay away from things like long swords or similar accessories because they can cause a real injury if your little one falls on them, says the American Academy of Pediatrics.


No Sharp Knives

Carving jack-o-lanterns is one of the most enjoyable Halloween activities. But it stops being fun if you have to go to the emergency room for stitches. Let your child decorate a pumpkin with markers or paints. You can also have her draw her face and then you can carve it for her.


Beware of Fire

Whether you’re lighting pumpkin scented candles or the neighbors are lighting their pathway with luminaries, fire is a part of some Halloween fun and you must be careful so your child doesn’t get burned. Watch out for candles in jack-o-lanterns too. Be sure your child’s costume doesn’t get too close to the flame and make sure his hands steer clear too.


Stay on the Sidewalk

There’s something in the air on Halloween that can make kids forget the rules. However, it’s vitally important that they stay on the sidewalk while you are out trick or treating. That way they aren’t at risk of getting hit by a car whose driver doesn’t see them in the dark. Watch out for cars backing out of driveways too.


Stay on the Porch

Never go into a person’s home. That’s the bottom line. Don’t let your children step into a person’s entryway or foyer while they wait for candy and make sure that older kids who are trick or treating without an adult understand the dangers of going into a stranger’s house. If someone invites your child in, help them politely decline.


Check the Candy

There’s nothing better than a couple of pounds of candy to make your kid’s day, right? And yours too since chances are you’ll be raiding the candy stash after they go to bed. I know I will. Before letting your child eat any of his loot, go through the entire pile and get rid of suspicious looking candy, treats that aren’t individually wrapped and homemade goodies (unless you know and trust the person who made them).

How do you keep your family safe on Halloween? I use each of these tips every year and I’m happy to report that my kids have never been harmed on Halloween. Do you have any other safety tips to add?

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I think some tips are a very good idea such as checking the candy and the glow stick bangles! When I was a young girl someone tried making me go in there house and you feel a lot of pressure to when your young but should always say no. Quite a good article.

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