How to Make Homework Time for Successful for the Kids ...


If helping your child with homework is something that you dread, you are not alone. I have three kids and when they say they have homework (almost every night!) I cringe a little, especially if it’s math. We already did this when we were in school, am I right? But to be serious, I want to help my kids understand things and do their best work, but that doesn’t mean the entire process isn’t stressful for all of us. Luckily, there are plenty of ways of helping your child with homework that can make nights more peaceful and grades desirable. Check them out!

1. A Set Location

One of the best ways of helping your child with homework is having a designated place to get it done. For me, that’s the kitchen table. They can spread out their papers and write on a solid surface without being distracted by the television or the toys. Also, it allows me to guide them while I cook dinner. Choose a place that is free of distractions and has room for books, paper and pencils.

Be Prepared
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