7 Cute Kid's Birthday Themes That They Will Love ...


Gone are the days when all you needed for a kid’s birthday party theme was balloons and a few cupcakes! People have gotten so much more elaborate as time has passed and now, you have to think of cool and original things to do at your kid’s party! This past year, I’ve been to a few kid’s birthday parties (more kid’s parties than grown up parties, that’s for sure) and in that year I’ve seen some adorable kid’s birthday party themes. This is a list of 7 kid's birthday party themes that your little ones will love.

1. Cookie Monster

This happens to be one of my favorite kid’s birthday party themes. It was actually my son’s first party theme. I made a blue coconut covered cake with cookie crumbles and marshmallow eyes, had big blue tissue paper balls that I made to look like that cookie lover and milk bottle decorations everywhere. Cookie Monster is an old favorite that you can put a new and cute spin on!

Lady Bugs
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