7 Chores Even a Toddler Can do ...


Getting stuff done around the house often falls on mom, but there are plenty of chores even a toddler can do. That means you shouldn’t have to do it all. Getting your kids involved in housework is important because it teaches them responsibility and it teaches them valuable life skills they’ll need when they get older and live on their own. So start handing out these chores even a toddler can do and you’ll all benefit.

1. Clear the Dishes

There’s no reason why everyone in the family shouldn’t be responsible for taking care of their own dishes after dinner. And this is one of many chores even a toddler can do because it’s easy and fast. Have your child carry his plate and cup to the counter after he’s done eating. He can also throw his napkin in the trash. As your child gets older, he can scrape his plate, rinse it and place it in the dishwasher. Now you have a few extra minutes to cuddle!

Put Laundry in the Basket
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