8 Ways to Make More Time for Your Kids ...


Kids go from Toddler to Teen in a record amount of time. It seems like one minute you are handing them a sippy cup and the next they are asking to borrow the car. So you can squeeze as much time with your kids into your life, here are some helpful tips. The following 8 ways to make more time for your kids give you many choices to choose from. They will be all grown up and off to have a family of their own before you know it!

8. Put a Limit on the Number of Things You do Alone

Alone time is always necessary for parents to partake in from time to time, but make sure you donโ€™t spend too much time away from your kids. If you can allot a specific amount of time each day or even stick to doing your own thing just a couple of times a week, then youโ€™ll be able to have more time with your kids. I always tell myself that there will be plenty of time for me later on. My boys are both juniors and I keep thinking about how much Iโ€™ll miss having them here every day when they head off to college.

Donโ€™t Spend so Much Time in Front of the Television
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