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Most kids love making things, but craft materials can be quite expensive. So I’ve come up with some ideas for free materials that you can give to your kids to play with. Not only will you save money, but will also reuse things that would otherwise be thrown away. It’s great to be green!

1. Packets

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With kids in the house, you’re bound to have a constant supply of cereal packets. These are ideal for drawing or painting on. They can also be used for cutting out shapes, making boxes or as bases. What other ideas can you think of?

2. Discarded Paper

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Many years ago, my uncle worked in a printshop, so he used to bring us unwanted and used paper. This meant that we were never short of drawing paper. Of course, this was well before the days of reycling, so the paper that would otherwise have gone into landfill was instead put to good use.

3. Leaflets

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I swear leaflets breed, since every time you bring one home their numbers seem to grow. Plus there’s all the unwanted flyers that come through the door. Since these are often colourful and full of photos, give them to the kids for crafts. They can cut out the pictures and make collages with them, for example.

4. Dessert Pots

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Kids = lots of dessert pots. Sometimes these can be recycled, but most end up being thrown away. A child’s imagination can turn them into all kinds of objects though, so let them loose. Dessert pots also make great containers for paints.

5. Fabric Scraps

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Are you into sewing? Even tiny scraps of fabric need not be discarded, as they can be used for kids’ crafts. They can be used to make pictures, or older kids can make toys with them. Anything they want – the possibilities are endless!

6. Junk Mail

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The recycling bin is a pretty good home for junk mail, but you could also give it to small kids to scribble over (and then recycle it). Some may also be good enough for cutting things out – either way, let it be some use.

7. Magazines

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This is another source of colourful pictures for kids to cut out and play with. They could use figures to make their own stories, or just make random pictures. They’re bound to find something that appeals to them, whatever the subject of the magazine.

8. Calendars

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What can you do with an old calendar, aside from reycle it? If it’s one of those with large pictures, give it to the kids. They'll love cutting out the pictures and making use of them.

So you see that there are lots of ways of using things you already have, which the kids can play with and it won’t cost a penny! It’s great to encourage their creativity. What other ideas do you have of finding free craft materials – for adults or children?

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