7 Ways to Make Your Little One Smile ...


Okay, I am going to be honest with you โ€“ do you see my blog topics? Many of the nice ones are inspired by my daughter. When I sit down to come up with topics, she starts giving me ideas. She especially loves coming up with animal ones and fashion ones. Actually, she helped me come up with this blog โ€“ 7 ways to make your little one smile, but it went like this "Top ways to make your child smile."

7. Read to Them

Children enjoy being read to. Every time I read to my little girl, she always gets this big smile on her face. I also ask her questions at the end of each book (sometimes during the story as well) in order to see how well she is listening to me. She amazes me when she gets every answer right โ€“ she is a very good listener, especially when it comes to her books.

Take Them to the Zoo
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