7 Things to Remember when Going to Your OB Doc ...


Going to the doctor when you're pregnant can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You're getting to hear the baby's heartbeat and all, but you're concerned about this twitch you're feeling, or whatever the case may be. Doctor's visits become quite familiarized after a while, but if this is your first time going through this, read these 7 things you need to remember when going to your OB doctor.

1. You're Going to Have to Pee

It's better to book morning appointments and save your morning pee for the doctor's office, because they're going to want to test your urine almost every time you go. It's routine to check your urine for sugar and infections that may affect your pregnancy. When you go into the bathroom, there will be a small, metal door with cups inside. There will also be a marker so you can put your name on the cup. Pee in the cup, return it to the little box, finish up in the bathroom and return to your waiting seat in comfort until you see your doctor. Pretty easy, right?

There's Going to Be Blood Drawn
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