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The thought of someone feeling the need to molest a child sickens me. I know there will always be people out there who I despise and child molesters fall into that group. Being a parent, I know what it feels like to worry about your child and how difficult it is to keep this little being safe and sound at all times. The best thing you can do is talk to your child about the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touches. Maintaining a good line of communication between you and your child is also a huge help in preventing child molestation. I’ve made a list below of 7 signs of child molestation that you should be aware of.

7. Noticeable Changes in Behavior

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Has your once boisterous child become reclusive? Keep an eye out for any drastic changes in behavior. There will always be times when your child might act out or respond differently than normal to a question or situation, but hopefully you can tell the difference between having a bad day and having something seriously wrong going on.

6. Disrupted Sleep or Refusal to Sleep

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Children who have experienced molestation of any form often have difficulty feeling comfortable in their bedroom. This is most likely because the criminal act took place in the bedroom or during the night. If this is the case, then the child will be too terrified to sleep peacefully out of fear that the molester will appear.

5. Showing an Unusual Interest in Matters That Are Sexual

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All kids become curious about their bodies, and sometimes others as well, at some point in their life. When this interest becomes a concern is if you notice that your child is to the point of being obsessed with the human body or the act of sex itself. This is the perfect time to talk with your child and find out where this extreme interest is coming from.

4. Problems at School

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Teachers will generally tip parents off when a child begins declining in class. Besides not completing assignments or not wanting to participate in class discussions, some teachers also notice certain forms of acting out that begin to emerge in a child who has been or is being molested. Sometimes kids will begin drawing pictures on homework assignments; this is another sign that teachers tend to find alarming enough to notify parents about.

3. Regression in Behavior

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Bed wetting, lack of proper toilet etiquette, and other types of behaviors that are not typically displayed by older children can cause any parent to become concerned. Kids can often resort to needing something that makes them feel more secure, such as a favorite blanket or thumb sucking.

2. An Unusual Fear of People, Places, or Situations

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Unless your child is naturally shy, an observable fear of any type might cause a parent to wonder where it is coming from. Having a fear of certain types of people might not trigger concern as much as an atypical fear of specific situations or places. Some kids will tell parents why they are scared of something when a parent asks, so this is a good place to start if you notice your child becoming more fearful than before.

1. Unexplained Bruises or Injuries, as Well as Pain or Itching in Private Areas

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Physical abuse of any kind is often brought to the attention of others once bruises begin to arise. Other physical signs of molestation aren’t always presented on the surface for all to see. Parents have to be able look for other signs of inappropriate physical contact as well.

These 7 signs of child molestation are the most common ones to be on the lookout for. Even if you aren’t positive that a child has been molested, it’s always better to try to find out more information before anything else happens. Do you know of any additional signs that parents or guardians should be on the look out for?

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