7 Reasons Children do Not Want to Go to School ...

Sometimes, kids get in this mood where they just do not want to go to school and they will not tell you why. They will try to think of every excuse in the book to get out of school. If your child has started to do this, then you are probably still trying to figure it out. Let me give you 7 reasons children do not want to go to school …

7. They Miss Their Parents

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Children tend to have an emotional bond with their parents. When it comes time to go to school, they start to miss their parents. They try to stay at home for as long as they can in order to be with their parents. They never want to leave their parents side. I find this cute, but they still need to go to school.

6. They’re Shy

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Sometimes, children do not like school simply because they are shy. I was a shy child as well. There are some ways to get over shyness.

5. They Find School Hard

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Some children find school hard. When they find school hard, they lose the interest they once had. If your child finds school hard, then it is important that you help them out. Perhaps if you can’t teach them, you could hire a tutor.

4. Teacher is No Good

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Too many teachers, today, are threatening their students with quizzes, instead of trying to make the material they are teaching interesting. Perhaps the reason your child does not like school is because the teacher does not make learning fun.

3. Jailed up Perspective

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When you go to a school, you feel as if you are jailed up. There are fences all around (I know, I like this for the safety) and there are sometimes guards standing at those fences. Perhaps children do not like school because they feel jailed up.

2. Issues at Home

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There are issues at home that can cause a child to not want to go to school. Research has showed that in a home where parents fight, the children feel that they need to be at home in order to protect their parents, especially their mom.

1. They Are Bullied

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The number one reason your child does not want to go to school could be because he or she is being bullied. It is important to sit down and talk with your child to figure out what is going on. If someone is bullied, give them advice on what to do. If the situation does not smooth out, then speak with the school about the situation.

Those are 7 reasons children do not want to go to school, in my opinion. My daughter has always enjoyed going to school. Of course, she is only in 1st grade, so I am sure we will run into some hills somewhere along the line, but I will be prepared for that. At least, I will try to be prepared. So, does your child love to go to school?

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