7 Most Interesting Family Board Games ...


7 Most Interesting Family Board Games ...
7 Most Interesting Family Board Games ...

Board games are a very interesting and enjoyable way of interacting with your family. You get to spend quality time together as well as have a lot of fun and laughs. I highly recommend you to build a collection of family board games that you can enjoy with your family, time and again. Here is my list of the most interesting family board games.

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Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples Photo Credit: huffmans

This is one of the most interesting family board games and has been a favorite with my family for years. It takes no time to learn, is very simple to play and will ensure that your family has a number of guffaws at every play. Sheer fun!



This is a classic bluffing game that can be played with any number of people. It is a word game that allows people to be creative and can result in a lot of unwitting hilarity. You won’t know how quickly time passes while you enjoy this game.


Cranium Conga

This is one of the most interesting family board games that have got to do with guessing. A player is given a word as well as a method of describing the word to his or her teammates, while the timer plays Conga music. The methods are funny as well as creative and the game can be competitive as well as fun.


Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan Photo Credit: Wobbisaurus

This is one of the most interesting family board games that involve strategy. The most amazing thing is that every time you play the game the board is laid out differently so that no two games are the same and it never gets boring or over familiar. This is perfect board game to be played between 3 or 4 people.



An age old classic, it is a great game for all ages. It involves drawing a word to let your team guess the secret word you have been given. No matter how many times you play this game, it is always going to be fun.



This is another one of the interesting board games that is a classic guessing game. However, this game is also great to build up on your vocabulary. You are given a word that your teammates have to guess as well as a group of ‘taboo words’ that you cannot use. This game can be great fun for all ages.



This game is also a classic and is here to stay. While it can be a long game to play, it is one of the few games that actually provide great moments to teach real life lessons to your younger family members.

In my family, we have been playing these games for years and each time we play is a great occasion to cherish and remember. You too can have a world of fun playing these interesting family board games with your loved ones and bond with them over fun and laughter.

Top Photo Credit: Jonne Naarala

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