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Top 10 Baby Boy Names I like ...

By Melanie

I am going to give you a list of the top 10 baby boy names that I like. I just completed a list on the top 10 baby girl names I like, which had my daughters name, Ariela listed as number one. In this one, you know I am going to include the little boys name.

10 Lysander

This is a pretty cool name for a baby boy. It comes from the Greek origin. In Greek, it means “one who brings liberty.” I see that it also has a pretty good meaning to it.

9 Finn

I have always liked this name, but didn’t choose this one for the little boy. This name comes from the Irish origin. In Irish, the meaning is “Fair. Mythology.” The little boy on the one soap opera I watch is named Finn. Yeah, I admit, I watch a soap opera, but only one and that’s only because I got sucked into it when I was a teenager and never stopped.

8 Inigo

I believe Inigo has a pretty cool ring to it. This name comes from the Portuguese origin. In Portuguese, the names means “Enthusiastic.” Name your little boy this and I bet he will be one enthusiastic human being! What do you think of this name? Say it out loud – doesn’t it sound pretty cool?

7 Micah

Micah isn’t a bad name at all. It comes from the Hebrew original. The meaning of Micah is “Gift from God.” This is a variant of Michael.

6 Xavier

Oh yes, the name Xavier is always fun to spell and say out loud. This name comes from the Basque origin. In Basque, it means “Owns a new house.” I bet you are saying this name out loud just to see how neat it sounds.

5 Zorion

This one is pretty cool too. It comes from the Portuguese original and it means “Full of Joy.” Yes, the meaning to this one is pretty cool. As much as I like it, I’m not sure if I would ever name any of my little ones this – there’s so many other cool names out there.

4 Emilano

This comes from the Portuguese origin. In Portuguese, the name means “Rival.” This is a variant of Emil.

3 Zane

This name comes from the English origin. In English, Zane is a variant of John.

2 Landon

I always thought this name was pretty cool. It comes from the English origin. It means “From the long hill.”

1 Ian

This is what I named my little one. It comes from the Scottish original. It is another form of John – which is my dads name, so it goes well.

Those are the top 10 baby boy names I like. Of course, this is my very own list of top 10 names, I didn’t get it from any other place, except out of my mind. Feel free to make your own top baby boy names you like and post them. So, which name from my list do you like?

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