9 Tips on How to Stay Sane as a New Mom ...


My tips for how to stay sane as a new mom arenโ€™t just for new moms. Any mom can have days where she feels like she may be going crazy. So these tips can be applied whether you just had your first baby or have been a mom for 10 years! Here are my tips for how to stay sane as a new mom, please read below!

1. Get out of the House

How to stay sane as a new mom isn't easy but it will come with time. Donโ€™t sit around in your house all day waiting for it to happen! The walls will likely start to close in on you. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air, different scenery, and other people, even if they are strangers and you donโ€™t speak to them. Bundle the baby up, and go for a short walk around the block. Or go grab a few groceries, or return your overdue books to the library. Just get out of the house!

Talk to Other Moms
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