7 Habits of Healthy Families That You Should Follow ...


As a personal trainer and mom of three, I practice healthy habits in my household and guide clients to embody habits of healthy families.

If you raise your children with healthy habits, they have a 60% decrease in being obese as an adult, a lower risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure and a more positive mind and body image.

Chances are when your children have their own children one day, they will relay these habits to their little ones so you can help generations to come.

So make a change today by following habits of health families:

1. Skip the Soda

Listen, I am not perfect, but one thing I have vowed is to not give my children soda.2

At the age of 9 years and 7 years, my daughters have never had soda and they prefer to have water over anything.

Soda has so many adverse effects on your health, so why expose your children to this?

When in need of a change I make a fruit smoothie.

This tops my tips of habits of healthy families because it makes a big difference.

2. Eliminate the High Sugar Cereal

For breakfast it is important to have protein and a complex carb, but sugary cereal is not on the nutrition necessity list for your body, so skip this.3

Sugary cereal will cause a plummet in your children’s energy level and it is unhealthy for their teeth.

Feed your children oatmeal, eggs or a whole grain cereal so they will think clearer, feel better and have more energy to conquer the day.

Make sure you do the same so you can be a happy and healthy family while practicing what you preach!2

3. Never Skip Breakfast

One thing I never do is skip breakfast.

Even if I am not hungry I still have something to eat, because it is important to “break the fast” and get your metabolic rate going in the morning.

It is also important to eat breakfast to maintain brain functionality.

A family that eats breakfast together has more confidence and is more secure, so try to eat together when possible.

Do Not Focus Parties around Food
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