11 Fun Things to Put in Your Children's Easter Baskets ...


With Easter just around the corner, you may be racking your mind for things to put in your children’s Easter baskets.

Easter is such a fun and colorful holiday, and I loved the goodies that I received as a kid…besides candy!

Here are some wonderful things to put in your children’s Easter baskets:

1. Coloring Books and Crayons

Coloring Books and Crayons

What kid doesn’t enjoy coloring and drawing?

Crayons get worn out and broken really quickly.

They can be found at dollar stores, along with a couple fun coloring books.

This is usually a staple in children’s Easter baskets.

2. Bubbles


Easter means springtime, and springtime means more time outdoors!

Bubbles are a fun little gift for kids.

It’s amazing how happy they get when they run around making bubble art and trying to pop them!

3. Jewelry


I’m not talking about Tiffany’s jewelry here, but children really like fun dress-up jewelry.

Claire’s has plenty of affordable options for girls, and I’ve noticed that boys sometimes like dog tags.

4. Nail Polish

Nail Polish

There have been a plethora of safe nail polishes that are made just for kids.

This can be a great gift for a mother-daughter mani/pedi!

There are plenty of fun neon and classic colors to choose from, and best of all: lots of them are scented!2

5. Admission Passes to the Museum, Zoo, Etc

Admission Passes to the Museum, Zoo, Etc

I absolutely loved going to science museums and zoos when I was a kid.

My dad would bring me every weekend to visit my favorite animals and to check out new exhibits.

So throwing in a few passes for the kids can get them really excited about going to an educational place!

6. Stickers


My sticker collection was my pride and joy.

I loved collecting them, and I’m sure your kids do, too!2

There’s something super fun and exciting about getting new stickers.2

Try getting scratch and sniff stickers or glow-in-the-dark stickers.

They’re always a huge hit with kids!

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