9 Fun Snow Day Activities to do with Your Kids ...


Some towns and cities never shut down during a snowstorm because if they did, then you would probably have to come up with fun snow day activities for the entire winter season!

However, if you live in a town that isn’t used to dealing with big snowstorms and shuts down for a few days or even a week, then you’re going to need a few of these fun snow day activities.

1. Play in the Snow

If this is your child’s first time seeing snow, then one of the most fun snow day activities would be to go out and play in the snow.

Show your little one how to make snow angels, form the perfect snowball, and build the biggest snow fort.2

What could be better than taking pictures in the snow of your child trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue while wearing the most adorable snow suit and silly winter hat?

2. Indoor Winter Crafts

Have your children ever made their own snowflakes before?

I loved making paper snowflakes when I was a kid.

It’s pretty amazing as a child to see how many designs you can make just by cutting paper differently.2

Another indoor winter craft that has become popular is DIY snow globes - you won’t believe how easy they are to assemble!

Check out writer Meream’s post for creative and unique snow globe designs, diy.allwomenstalk.com.

3. Bake Something Fun

You can bake chocolate chip cookies any day of the year, so make this the best snow day and bake something you have never made before.

If you have some extra candy canes lying around use them to make a few of these peppermint recipes, cooking.allwomenstalk.com, to turn your boring snow day into a fun day!

4. Make Your Own Snow-Cones

Now, you don’t want to try this with snow that has already landed on the ground, so be sure to put out some large plastic bowls to collect new, falling snow.

After you have collected enough fresh snow, scoop it into small cups and grab some juice from your fridge.

Allow your kids to pour the juice over the snow and watch as their little eyes light up in amazement when they see that they’ve made their very own snow-cone.2

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