7 Fun New Year's Eve Crafts Kids Will Enjoy ...


New Year Crafts?

Can it really be that time of year again?

Well, to make the best of a holiday that seems to come twice a year let’s get out our scissors and glue for some New Year’s Eve crafts!

Many of these ideas are great for families to put together to teach your young ones about the holiday.

Plus, if you’re hosting a party, you’ll definitely want to check out these New Year’s Eve crafts.

1. Noisemaker


This is a must need for celebrating and ringing in the holiday, which is why it’s number one on my list of New Year’s Eve crafts.

I love this idea of using a folded paper plate and putting beads, popcorn kernels, or coins inside as well as attaching jingle bells to the bottom.2

Your kids can personalize their plate and use it again for the next New Year’s Even party!2


2. Party Eye Glasses

Party Eye Glasses

You have to have the right look for your New Year’s Eve celebration, so instead of looking silly with those big glasses that say what year it’s going to be, choose from one of these fun ideas over at Ruffles and Stuff.

My favorite look is the glitter glasses with the feathers, such a fun DIY for kids too.


3. Party Hat

Party Hat

What’s a party without the proper hat to go along with your funky party glasses?!

Oh the fun your kids will have with this glitter hat craft from Studio DIY.

Your little girls will love the pink glitter and will probably enjoy wearing it all year long!

If you have boys, purchase blue or green glitter instead if that’s what they would like for their hats.2


4. Confetti Popper

Confetti Popper

This is such a simple idea and one that I actually might put together with my own girls this New Year’s Eve!

So what makes the confetti pop?

It's clear plastic push pop containers!

They can be found on Amazon, or probably many craft stores like Michaels or A.C.


Use washi tape to decorate, fill with confetti, cut out a little circle using stock paper to cover the top, and you have your very own confetti popper!


New Year’s Eve Ball
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