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7 Wonderful Summer Activities for Preschoolers ...

By Corina

There are a lot of wonderful summer activities for preschoolers that you can enjoy with your little ones. Kids have a lot of extra time during summer and even if their main responsibility is having fun, you should also include in their schedule some activities that will help them develop skills they’ve acquired so far or help them discover some new ones. Summer vacation should not be all work and there are a lot of fun activities that you can do with your kids. Here are a few wonderful summer activities for preschoolers that you should try:

1 Draw a Book

One of the most entertaining summer activities for preschoolers that you can do with your kid is to draw (or even write) a book. Just spend some time explaining to your little one that books have a beginning, middle and end and also a title, characters and a plot. Just tell your child that once they will complete their drawings, you will help them write the story and this way, you can create your own book.

2 Practice an Instrument

What better way for your little one to spend their summer vacation than by learning to play an instrument? The summer months are a perfect time to establish a new routine for your child. You can enroll them in piano lessons, guitar lessons or you can let them decide what instrument they want to learn to play.

3 Play with Puzzles

I love puzzles and I bet your kid will love them too! There is a wide variety of puzzles that every child can enjoy. Some puzzles are quite cheap, they vary in difficulty and your little one can play with them independently.

4 Build a Fort

Most kids like to build forts. Just give your little ones permission to use anything they want in the house and ask them to build a fort that will accommodate your entire family. When the fort is finished, you can all go in and play games together. Just use your imagination and simply enjoy each other’s company.

5 Go on a Nature Hunt

Another fun activity for preschoolers is a nature hunt. Make sure that there’s nothing that can hurt them first and send your little explorer out to discover all the wonderful things nature can offer us: rocks, bugs, birds and any other thing that may interest them. Give them a special journal to draw and document what they find.

6 Teach Your Dog New Tricks

If you own a dog, then the best way for your kid to spend their summer vacation is by teaching your little pet some new tricks. You can both watch some YouTube videos to see how you can achieve this goal and then simply start working on reaching your objective. This is a real challenge for your little one, a challenge that they will surely enjoy.

7 Sew

This activity can be done independently and it’s a wonderful way for your preschooler to work on their fine motor skills. They can learn to create something from nothing and they will really be surprised by the results. There is also a wide variety of sewing projects to choose from, so they will never be bored.

Summer is the perfect time for your kid to develop some new skills. Do you know any other wonderful summer activities for preschoolers? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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