7 Ways to Help Your Daughter Deal with Mean Girls ...


The now classic movie teaches valuable lessons but educating your daughter in ways to deal with mean girls isn’t just plonking her in front of the TV and saying, here darling, this will teach you everything you need to know. You may have had to deal with mean girls yourself when you were younger. As a parent you have to call on your experience, knowledge and sense to teach your daughter ways to deal with mean girls.

1. Tell Her It's Not Her Fault

Cliques can be devastating for your confidence and self-esteem. Your daughter may have no clue of ways to deal with mean girls, not understanding these cliques use different ways to exclude others. The first thing you can tell your daughter is that it's not her fault that a group of girls, or mean girls to be precise, treats her in an aggressive, bullying or discriminatory manner. Giving her this confidence will be the biggest help for your daughter to get through those insecure, tumultuous, and awkward middle and high schools years.

Support Her to Find a Solution on Her Own
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