8 Things Teenager Girls Enjoy Doing ...


8 Things Teenager Girls Enjoy Doing ...
8 Things Teenager Girls Enjoy Doing ...

I remember what it was like being a teenager, even though it’s been quite a number of years since I was a teen. I see things my daughter does and sometimes memories of my teen years come flooding into focus. If you currently have a teenage girl in your home, then you might recognize some of the things I’ve listed below. Here are 8 things teenager girls enjoy doing, at least from what I can tell. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comment section.

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Reading Popular Teen Magazines

These magazines rarely stay intact for long. They barely make it home from the post office before they are dissected. The pages with cute guys on them get plastered on the bedroom wall and inside the locker at school. The fragrant perfume ads get rubbed on neck, wrists, and on unsuspecting brothers if they happen to enter the room unannounced.


Teen girls also enjoy reading popular teen magazines, which typically feature stories on celebrities, fashion, beauty, and health tips. The magazines often include fun quizzes and advice columns, giving teens a chance to connect with their peers and learn more about themselves. Girls often share the magazines with their friends, discussing the latest topics and trends. Girls also enjoy collecting the magazine covers, which often feature their favorite celebrities. Additionally, many girls enjoy experimenting with the products advertised in the magazines, such as trying out new makeup looks or trying new hairstyles.


Discussing Boys

I can totally tell when there is talk of boys going on at the end of the hallway. There are certain types of giggles that my daughter and her friends emit when the subject of boys is at hand. I can also tell when this topic turns sour about a particular boy by the sounds of disgust that seep under the doorway.


The rapid-fire whispering that follows often hints at the latest crush or the most recent breakup. It's a rollercoaster of emotions that can switch from elation to heartbreak in the span of a sentence. As a mom, it's sometimes a delicate balance between giving her space to navigate these feelings and knowing when to offer a comforting hug or a listening ear. They're learning about relationships and all the complex feelings that come with them, and it's fascinating to see them support each other through these formative experiences.


Borrowing Each Other’s Clothes

I have no idea how they can all tell whose clothes belong to whom. I’ve washed a load of laundry and not recognized any of the clothing in the entire pile. Thankfully, my daughter has an excellent memory and knows exactly which blouse, skirt, socks, or dress belongs to each friend. I only had one friend in high school who swapped clothes with me, so that made it much simpler to remember who any stray clothing belonged to!


Buying New Clothing

I’ve never been much of a shopper, but my younger sister got me ready for a daughter who loves to shop. And, boy can she shop! My daughter is able to gravitate towards sales like no one I’ve ever seen before. When she and her friends go to the mall, it isn’t easy to keep track of where they all are. They storm into one store, try everything on, and have their purchases in hand before I even make it to the same store. It’s much easier to meet up in the food court at lunch time instead of me trying to keep up with them all. Talk about a workout!


Shopping is often a favorite pastime for teenage girls, and the mall is often the place they like to hang out. When they are shopping, they are usually looking for the latest trends and styles, and they are often looking for the best deals. They usually have a knack for finding the best sales and discounts, and they can often shop for hours without getting bored. They also enjoy trying on clothes and comparing them with each other, and they often take time to get feedback from their friends. Shopping can be a great way for teenage girls to bond with each other and express their individual style.


Going to the Mall

Hanging out at the mall when I was a teen was never about shopping. It was all about watching the boys and talking with friends. We didn’t have cell phones, so it was hard to keep in touch with everyone in that aspect. We’d make a point to meet at the mall and alternate between walking around, peeking in stores, and giggling at cute boys. My daughter and her crowd seem to be more about the shopping than about boy watching.


Chatting on Facebook

I think one of the best features about Facebook is the ability people have to chat with multiple friends at once. This method of conversing is much easier than typing messages out on a cell phone, especially for a teenage girl who has tons of friends who are also online at the same time.


Talking on the Phone

My daughter is on her cell phone so much that I always wonder when she has time to charge it! I remember being confined to the area surrounding the telephone when I was a teen, due to the cord that attached the phone to the wall. I was thrilled when my parents got a longer phone cord and I was able to go out the door and sit on the porch steps while I chatted with friends on the phone. Times sure have changed!


Hanging out with Friends

I would think that this would be number one on a teenage girl’s list, since they can’t seem to be away from friends for very long. They go to the bathroom in herds. So, being with friends must be very important, right?

Even if you don’t have a teenage daughter in your home, I’m sure you’ve had at least some experience with teenage girls and recognize some of these things I’ve mentioned above. What else would you add to this list of 8 things teenager girls enjoy doing?

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I’m a teen, and me and my friends do some of these things: 8) We like going through the fashion pages, but I have no celebrity crush. Some of my friends do, though. No perfume samples given 7) Yes 6) Nope. Only when we dirty our clothes badly or something. 5) With our parents. Me and my friend Kayla particularly love this. But never together 4) Too young to go alone. Sometimes with our parents 3) Not on Facebook! We don’t even HAVE Facebook! We chat LOADS on messages, but we don’t have Insta or anything 2) We barely call. We usually text. 1) Yes, but we don’t attend the same school. I agree with most of the list, but I also agree that everyone is different. Also, my Mom uses Facebook, it’s still in use. I barely read magazines, only about three in this year and before that about one magazine every five years.

These may be the things you liked to do but i dont like doing any of those things :S! (except for hanging out with friends - which can also be annoying if you just want to chill by yourself one day and someone just comes up to ur door expecting you to entertain them) I like reading and going to the beach, going to a party,... i actually hate facebook (time consuming), and i hate going to the shops ( its so irritating and stressful, especially when you go with people and end up buying something you dont even like, plus my legs fall off by the end of the day!), and i dont enjoy reading magazines there full of shit. Everyones different but those are my thoughts and im 15

I'm a teenager and the only accurate thing on here was shopping. Who tf reads magazines, or uses Facebook. Maybe it was like this 30 years ago, when you were a kid but no.

no one I know.

#2 All of these diffrent topics are quite steriotypical, for instance, 1 out of 6 teens are queer. And me and my friends don't talk about boys very often. I would advise actually asking multiple teens what their favorite hobbies are.

who talks on facebook.

I can definitely relate to every single one of these when i was a teenager

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