7 Ways to Celebrate New Year with the Kids ...


As a parent you might rue not being able to party all night on December 31, but there are some great ways to celebrate New Year with the kids so you feel youโ€™ve still done justice to the holiday. And as much as you might miss raucous adult gatherings with lashings of alcohol, youโ€™ve got responsibilities now โ€“ and do you really want the hassle of trying to find a sitter on one of the busiest nights of the year? Instead, embrace the fact youโ€™re a loving, wonderful family and kick off 2015 with style with these ways to celebrate New Year with the kids.

1. Have a Family Slumber Party

Sure, it might not have been the way you celebrated in the old days, but it's one of the great ways to celebrate New Year with the kids. Get some videos, pop some popcorn, and break out the board games and the sleeping bags. If you can fit it in the living room, go ahead and erect a tent or make a fort out of blankets. Roast marshmallows in the oven (if you have older kids), or gather round and tell your best scary stories. Giggle about things that happened over the previous year and share your hopes for the coming year.

Throw a Party
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