10 Unique πŸ™ƒ and Meaningful πŸ’­ Baby Girl πŸŽ€ Names πŸ”‘ ...

Something that will always be with us is our name. Names can carry a lot of weight to our identity and how others initially perceive us. When choosing a name for a baby girl, we may struggle in finding the perfect name with the perfect meaning to take her through the ups and downs of life.

These unique and beautiful names are all well suited for any little lady.

1. Brielle

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This beautiful name is thought to be of Hebrew origin, and may be a shortened version of Gabrielle. It has two meanings: exalted one and woman of God. Brielle is definitely a powerful yet delicate name.

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A stunning and unique name for any little girl, Amara has meanings in multiple cultures. In Sanskrit, Amara means immortal, and in Mongolian, Amara means peaceful.

3. Celeste

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This French name brings about thoughts of all things celestial, which is fitting considering the meaning is β€˜heavenly’.

4. Seraphina

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Seraphina is of biblical origin, being a derivitive of seraphim, which in Hebrew means β€˜fiery ones’ and was used to describe heavenly angels that had six wings. As a name, it is a powerful and beautiful name that means heavenly, winged angel.

5. Ishani

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This stunning name is of Hindi origin and means β€˜desire’. As a name, it takes on a more powerful meaning of β€˜the ruling goddess’.

6. Delilah

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This classic Hebrew name has been making a comeback in recent years. It is delicate, rolls off the tongue nicely, and speaks of a loving nature. In Hebrew, the name Delilah means both amorous and delight.

7. Leandra

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A powerful Greek name for any little lady, Leandra means lioness. The name itself is beautiful, and combined with the meaning, it will prove to be a strong name for any girl.

8. Farica

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A unique name fitting for any little girl, Farica is German in origin and means β€˜peaceful ruler’. This name implies that the girl will have a strong presence to lead while doing so in a way that will bring about peace.

9. Rosabel

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A pretty name for a pretty girl, Rosabel combines rose and belle to mean β€˜beautiful rose’. Alternatives of this name include Rosabelle and Rosabella.

10. Thalia

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This name is Greek in origin and is the name used for multiple ancient muses, nymphs, and graces in Greek mythology. Thalia means β€˜blooming’ and is stunningly unique name for a girl that will bloom over and over again.

Which name on the list do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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