7 Toys You Should Not Buy for Your Little Girl ...


There are certain toys you should not buy for your little girl. Some send out the wrong message while others are just completely inappropriate. It's quite shocking that some manufacturers promote and sell certain play toys. Take a look at some of these toys you should not buy for your daughter and tell me what you think.

1. Toys That Are Too Suggestive

Remember the uproar over Bratz Dolls, and worse, their baby-counterparts, all of whom wore short-short skirts and loads of eye makeup? Moms were outraged, calling them "hooker dolls" and boycotting the brand. The issue? They seemed to sexualize children, and toys like this are clearly sending the wrong message, and way too early at that. That's why these sorts of dolls are landing them at the tip-top of my list of toys you should not buy your daughter.

Toys That Promote Outdated Gender Roles
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