Top 10 Spring Activities for Kids ...

So the weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer and the temperature seems to be thawing ever so slightly, just like everyone’s moods and it’s time to get out and about in to the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air again. You can consider great trips like a London theatre break, but kids will be looking for fun activities to do that will get them outdoors and parents are looking for activities to keep their kids entertained that ease the burden on budgets that were stretched to the limit at Christmas. Here are my top 10 spring activities for kids.

1. A Spring Flower Hunt

This is a great way to get kids to learn something and requires nothing more than a reference book, a picnic blanket and a sun hat. Spring is the time where everything bursts into flower and there are loads of spring flowers (and weeds with flowers) that appear like colourful carpets everywhere. Pick a spot, snuggle down with a book of flowers and get the kids to see how many they can find. Once you have found them in the book, you can use it to explain what kind of flower it is and what role it has to play. Kids love fascinating stories, and this one will keep them going for hours.