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Are you excited to see what the baby names for 2015 are expected to be? These are the baby names that are predicted to top the charts this year. Choosing a baby name is a huge decision for parents to make. Hopefully these trends in baby names for 2015 can offer you some inspiration.

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With the popularity of the Disney movie “Frozen,” how could this name not appear on the list of baby names for 2015? Disney is always a big influence for baby names. “Frozen” is a movie that’s not only loved by children but by parents as well. We shouldn’t be surprised if the name Anna makes an appearance, too.



Charlotte is a beautiful name for a baby girl that’s been steadily gaining popularity and is expected to continue to climb. It seems that names that used to be more popular in the UK are easily jumping the pond these days, including this one. It’s a name with the potential for fun nicknames, too. A little girl could be called Charlie or Charla instead of Charlotte.



Floral names are on the rise, including Iris. For many years floral names were often heard as choice names for baby girls. That faded for a time but now there are many different floral names that are gaining in popularity. Other floral names that are popular include Violet and Blossom.



This is yet another spin on a Disney princess name. This name has been in the top of the charts for a long time in different variations. Isabella and Bella are other forms of this name that parents have loved in years past.



Lily is a name that’s been very popular in recent years and is expected to continue to be. It falls in the floral names category, too. This name is one that’s got a bit of a vintage feel but comes across as very feminine and delicate. It’s a name many parents have fallen in love with.



As we move on to baby boy names, one that’s expected to still be popular that can’t be left out is Jacob. Jacob has been in the top of the charts more than it’s been out for well over a decade so it’s safe to say it probably isn’t going anywhere this year. The popularity of this name can easily be seen in any grade school classroom.



It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this name is expected to be at the top of the charts in 2015. With the fame that “The Fault in Our Stars” brought to this name, it’s no wonder. Augustus also offers the option to go with the adorable nickname of Gus, like the character in the story sometimes did.



What was once thought of as a girl’s name is now steadily gaining popularity as a boy’s name. There are actually several names that were once thought of as girl’s names that are being claimed by boys. While this name is popular, it’s also one that carries a feel of uniqueness because it’s newly appearing at the top of the charts.



We can thank the royal couple for the popularity the name George has claimed. Its popularity is expected to continue. George is an adorable name for a little boy and thanks to Will and Kate, it has quite the royal feel. We can expect that whatever they name their new little one will impact baby name trends, too.



With our fixation on names that have an old-fashioned feel, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that John will be a popular choice. It’s also popular because it’s a biblical name. It’s a name that has weaved in and out of popularity for centuries.

These are 10 baby names that are expected to be popular in 2015. What names are you considering for your baby? Please share!

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Schuyler is my son's name. I prefer this spelling for boys.

My girls are Violet Genesis and Aurora Lily. Glad only one of their names are on the most popular list lol

Naming my daughter August !!

I love belle and iris. They are pretty, different but not too different and very feminine.

I was gonna name my daughters either Bella or lily ! I guess so is everyone else

I'm really liking Lola at the moment!

Charlotte, Elsa and Lily are my favourites!

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