Top 10 Baby Girl Names I like ...


Top 10 Baby Girl Names I like ...
Top 10 Baby Girl Names I like ...

I’m Melanie and the meaning of my name is “Dark,” it is Greek. I have always enjoyed looking up the meaning of my family and friends names. It’s interesting to see just how much the meaning resembles the person. I have always had an eye for dark things. Anyhow, I am going to give you the top 10 baby girl names I like. Take note that these are not the “top” on other lists. They’re just names I like and are top on my list …

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The origin of this name if Greek. The meaning is “One who brings healing.”



The origin of this name is French. The meaning is “Variant of Raina: Queen.”



The origin of this name is Danish. The meaning is “Wise.” Many times, I have noticed people grow up and act like their name. So, parents these days put a lot of thought in the names they give their children – is that why kids are smarter? So, if you were to name your little girl Saffi, does that mean she would grow up and be wise? Perhaps.



The origin of this name is Hebrew. The meaning is “bird.” This is actually my daughters middle name “Aya Ann.” I have included her first name at number 1.



The origin of this name is French. The meaning is “breath.” Pretty cute name if I must say.



The origin of this name is Native American. The meaning is “Eternal blossom.” This is actually a beautiful name, in my opinion. It not only has a beautiful meaning, but the way it is pronounced sounds beautiful. I think this would be a good name for the baby.



The origin of this name is Muslim. The meaning is “Life, full of life.” I have always liked this name. Another way to spell it would be “Ayesha.”



This name comes from the Greek origin. The meaning of this name is “The most beautiful.” If you were to name your daughter Calista, would this mean that she would grow up and be very popular? Perhaps she would be the most beautiful.



I always thought this name had a ring to it – it sounds pretty. The meaning is “end.”



Yes, this is definitely a name that I love. Every time I hear this name, it is like music to my ears. Why do I like this name so much? Because it is my little girls name. For her nick name, I call her “Rella Bells,” “Rella Bella” or “Relly Belly.” This is Hebrew and it means “Lioness of God.”

Those are the top 10 baby names I like. Of course, my favorite ones are Ariela and Aya simply because of my daughter (after all, I did pick them). I enjoyed looking over my favorite names and giving you all the meaning of them. So, what is the meaning of your name and where exactly did it originate?

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abella. :)

I named my daughter Abella in 2007.  Found the name in a baby book and fell in love with it, but did not make a final decision till a few days after she was born.  I have not come across any other Abellas.  A lot of people second guess the name or think its Isabella or just Bella; my daughter is quick to correct. Most people say how much they love the name.  Her middle name is after my grandmother which is quite old fashioned "Jean".  At any point in time if she wishes to go by her middle name I will not take offense; however she tells me she likes that her name is different.

My name is Muriel. It has a Hebrew origin. It means bittersweet. I was born 3 months premature and my mother's friend had a lot of luck in her life, She was beautiful, married a wonderful successful wealthy man and had great kids. So I got the Muriel to give me luck to live.

I have had my name now for 60 years and I love it! In an era when girls were named jennifer, Barbara, Julie etc my darling mum named me Raina. I think the name you give your child is important as I always felt just that little bit less ordinary!

Aayana is spelled wrong. I have a cousin who studied native American culture because we are native and she named her daughter this. Its spelt Aiyanna and it doesnt mean eternal blossom it means forever blooming.

I know an Aayana

I'm obsessed with the name Celestia. My name itself is Rama, and even though it's more popular as an Indian name, it's also Islamic too. It's pretty popular in Syria:)

ARIELA sounds like areola... She will be made fun of

Susan is my name, it originated in Persia and means lotus or lily flower


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