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7 Most Popular Girls Names and What They Mean ...

By Rebecca

Ladies, is there about to be a new baby in your life? Or perhaps you’ve got an adorable puppy that’s as yet untitled? Here’s a list of the USA’s seven most popular names for girls in 2010. They're all so beautiful, classic names... I've also included a description of what they mean, so you can decide if the name you love is a perfect fit, or if you need to keep looking! At any rate, maybe one of them will inspire you …

1 Isabella

This originally Hebrew and then Spanish name is a variation of the timeless Elizabeth and means ‘one consecrated by God.’ In 2010 it was the most popular name for girls, and the choice of celebrities the likes of Matt Damon and Tom Cruise. Another popular variation is Isabelle, or Bella. So pretty!

2 Emma

This lovely girls’ classic is one of the most enduring names around and features famously in Jane Austen’s celebrated novel. Originally German, it means ‘all embracing’ and is the root of the popular boys’ name ‘Emmet’ as well. Another variation could be Emily, another popular choice... it's down the list a little... keep reading!

3 Olivia

This name has been handed down from ancient Nordic culture, where it means ‘kind one,’ through to Latin in which it is the word for ‘olive tree.’ Olivia is one of Shakespeare’s most famous female characters, the beautiful masked Duchess of Illyria, and has been favoured by the likes of Denzel Washington and Al Pacino.

4 Sophia

This originally Greek name means simply ‘wisdom’ and was made fashionable in the twentieth century by glamour Goddess Sophia Loren. Sylvester Stallone chose it for his daughter and last year it came in fourth most popular in the United States. One of our other writers named her own daughter Sophie... so cute!

5 Ava

This name means either ‘blooming’ (as in flowers) or ‘birdlike’ in Latin, and is also the word for ‘life’ in Hebrew. It has produces a whole host of variations including April, Eva and Eve, as in the name chosen by Ryan Phillipe and Hugh Jackman for their daughters.

6 Emily

This enduring name descends from the Latin word for ‘Eager.’ Made famous in the 19th century, and the name of celebrated poet Emily Dickinson, it was the choice of John McEnroe, Chevy Chase and Gloria Estefan when it came to naming their daughters.

7 Madison

This unisex name is English through and through and means ‘good’ when used for a girl and ‘son of a mighty warrior’ for a boy. It was the surname of the US’s fourth president, James Madison, and is the name celebrity Rob Thomas chose for his daughter.

Ladies, do you (or your daughter or kitty) have a fascinating name? What does it mean? Which of these names do you like best, and why? Drop me a line, girls; I’d love to hear all about it …

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