7 Female Role Models for Your Daughter ...

By Kelly

7 Female Role Models for Your Daughter ...

In today’s culture, coming by good female role models for your daughter can be somewhat of a challenge. It seems that everywhere you look there are more and more stars turning to alcohol, drugs, and overall bad choices rather than setting a good example for the nation's youth. In my opinion, a good role model for your daughter is someone who instills good morals and values and sets a proper example for others. Here are some of my personal favorite female role models.

1 Jennifer Lawrence

Without a doubt Jennifer Lawrence is one of the best female role models for your daughter. Her role as Katniss in The Hunger Games portrays a strong female character and her personal life shows the same characteristics. Even after being criticized for her weight, Lawrence has refused to diet and become the Hollywood idea of “normal.” She is not afraid to speak her mind and she is rarely seen out partying.

2 Hilary Clinton

In the past, Hilary Clinton has been labeled a bitch for not showing the stereotypical femininity that is expected of women. But I personally love Clinton for her strong and unwavering presence. She has worked very hard to get where she is in the political ranks, and although some attribute it to her husband's presidency, there is no doubt that Hilary Clinton is one of the strongest females in politics. If your daughter has any interest in politics, Hilary Clinton is a great role model for her to teach her that women don’t need to be a sex symbol to be successful.

3 Miranda Cosgrove

Of the many young stars today, there are not tons of great female role models for your daughter. Miranda Cosgrove is one of the exceptions. Although she has grown up in the spotlight, Cosgrove has done nothing to tarnish her good girl reputation. She has worked hard to get her own show, iCarly on Nickelodeon, and she has been in numerous movies. She dresses modestly and age appropriate and any mother would be proud to have a daughter who looks up to Miranda.

4 Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres might be one of my favorite talk show hosts ever. My favorite thing about Ellen is that she makes people laugh without being a bully. While some talk show hosts poke fun at celebrities, Ellen has the ability to make her audience laugh without being mean. She speaks out against bullying, is an advocate for animal rights, and is an inspiration to women everywhere.

5 Oprah Winfrey

If there is one woman who shows that hard work pays off, it is Oprah Winfrey. Starting off in a poor childhood, Winfrey worked her way into having a multi-million dollar empire. She can teach your daughter that hard work is the number one way to achieve your dreams.

6 Emma Watson

Not only is her portrayal of brilliant and loyal Hermione a great role model, she is too. She never is seen out partying and she is a great role model because she shows that smarts are more important than sex appeal.

7 Gabby Douglas

Even at such a young age, Gabby Douglas has accomplished more in her life than I think I ever will. Being an Olympic gymnast takes years and years of extreme dedication and that is a characteristic to instill in your daughter. If your daughter has half of the work ethic that Gabby Douglas had in preparation for the Olympics, then she is bound to do great things. Another thing I love about Gabby is that she does not respond to criticism. Plenty of people have negative things to say about her, but she just ignores it and keeps smiling. Not letting negative comments hurt your daughter is a great thing to teach her.

While there are many more great female role models for your daughter out there, I think this list is a great start for celebrities you should expose your children to. They all exhibit great qualities that set them apart from the rest. They all display hard work, good morals, and qualities that you should want your daughter to gain. What did you think of these female role models? What are some other female role models you want your daughter to look up to? Are there some celebrities your daughter looks up to that you dislike?

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